The Rule of 5 methodology and consulting agency was constructed to give any company - no matter the size - the ability to adopt a remote work model that improves employee output and overall happiness.

This model is not meant to just help an organization save on overhead while keeping a tight operation.  It's designed to help a company leverage the organizational advantages associated with a remote model to create a more synergistic structure.

Rule of 5 consultants will help you the entire way, from building the business case to fine tuning the organizational model months after implementation of the "Rule."


The Rule of 5 itself is a set of five core principles that will help any organization implement and optimize a remote structure.

These principles focus on...

  1. A results-centric culture, where meeting objectives is prioritized above time worked
  2. Efficient communication practices that create greater connectivity and collaboration
  3. An internal structure based on trust between employees and their managers
  4. A foundation of the proper processes and tools that will support nimble internal ops
  5. Best practices for taking hundreds of people through a major change in their lives, as well as their careers

While these principles are by no means the only solution to adopting a remote work model, they are constructed to build an organization of happier, more productive employees.


The Rule of 5 founding team is constantly looking to add consultants and contributors to our ranks.  We believe that the remote work mission will only be accomplished by a collaborative effort from a wide-range of passionate remote workers.